We believe that information should be easy to find, immediately available, and complete to empower people to make better informed decisions.

petroWEB delivers customizable, extensible data management and business workflow solutions that leverage data from all platforms - mobile, cloud, on-premise, even project applications fed by internal and external sources.

By automating the discovery of information through better data access/management and enabling automated business workflows, companies can lower FTE costs, minimize risk, deliver more successful results and increase shareholder value.

Innovate. Integrate. Transform.
By leveraging existing information systems, incorporating some of petroWEB’s solution building blocks, or other best in class systems the solution can be configured to solve specific problems. Integrating business processes across all data sources and applications results in data driven and business focused solutions. petroWEB delivers solutions to organize, visualize, access, analyze and share enterprise data assets to increase efficient operations that can transform the enterprise.

     petroWEB Solutions

  • Enterprise Integration

  • PPDM web-based Well Data Management

  • PPDM web-based Log Data Management

  • Enterprise Search/Structured & Unstructured Information and Data Discovery

  • E&P Analytical and Reporting Tools

  • Web-based Workflow and Business Process Modeling (BPM)

  • Mobile GIS and Reporting

  • Web-based GIS Solutions