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Global Seismic Library

global seismic data
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petroWEB’s Global Seismic Library ("GSL") is a catalog of commercial multi-client seismic and gravity/ magnetic data coverage continuously updated from over 25 data providers.

  • Easy to use map interface
  • Spatial and textual searches
  • Launch reports on individual surveys
  • Access to data provider for addtional info
  • Internal data feed subscriptions available

Clients we help today

TGS Global Log Library Now Available in EDB!

petroWEB Inc. and TGS today announced a new collaboration that will provide free viewing access of the global TGS Log Library to clients of petroWEB’s well and log data management solution Enterprise DB (EDB).

    • View internal proprietary well log data in context with TGS global log coverage
    • Realize significant time savings in data discovery
    • Spend more time finding oil and gas and less time finding data

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